Ready for Rapid Transformation?

Are you ready to make big life changes and open to the joy and abundance that is available to you wherever you are? 

Are you dreaming of some future self, future job, future partner or... (fill in the blank)? 

Are you defined by your past? Trapped by old beliefs, past hurt, trauma, memories?

Do you feel there is more to life than you are currently experiencing? Are you feeling stuck, unhappy, or searching for more joy in your day to day life? Not feeling satisfied with the way things are in your current state?

So often we want to be somewhere else in life, and yet, we fall back into repeating patterns or feel like we don't know how to take the next big step our life is calling for?

I invite you to gift yourself this journey towards authentic love, greater embodiment and profound joy. You deserve to live each and every day to the fullest! 

Hypnotherapy sessions are a journey of radical self transformation. It is an opportunity to commit to your own evolution and move through the blocks you think stand in your way. 

You can think of hypnotherapy as a guided meditation, or a state of deep relaxation that works with the neural connections in our mind to heal old wounds or bad habits, and create a new pathway towards a positive or desired way of being. It is a journey of healing the past and opening to the future YOU choose create.

Hypnosis works with the neuroplasticity of the brain. When your mind is in a relaxed state, you can more easily and rapidly create new, positive and healthy habits, behaviors and beliefs. Neurons that wire together, fire together! What we think affects what we believe, how we act, and eventually influences our behaviors on a daily basis. Hypnosis offers you a chance to create positive connections from your mind into your daily actions toward that which you are calling in!

Hypnotherapy has been effective in:

  • stress & anxiety reduction

  • insomnia

  • healing from trauma

  • habits & addictions

  • fears & phobias

  • quit smoking

  • self confidence/self esteem & weight management

  • illness/disease

  • pain management

  • pregnancy & labor support

  • surgery preparation

The list goes on…… Anything and everything from deep wounds to sugar addictions to waking up earlier and exercising.

You have the capacity to create your reality and achieve your dreams. I would be honored to share in your journey towards a more joyful YOU! 

What to Expect?

Hypnotherapy sessions are 2 hours long and specifically designed to meet each person. There’s no one size fits all approach to addressing each person’s unique history and desired outcomes. One on one sessions are designed to meet YOU where YOU are in this moment, and support you on the journey to where you WANT to be. 

As a general outline, you can expect a brief check in, some questions to help clarify what you want and how I can best support you through our work together. The bulk of the session can be thought of as a guided meditation to address your desired goal. I will guide you through a gentle relaxation, and then a journey into a deeper state of relaxation to support your specific focus.

You will be aware the whole time! This is not like the hypnosis in movies (I promise, no swinging watch and me telling you that you are getting very sleepy), nor is it like stage hypnosis where you will do things without having control or knowing what happened. Your brain has an amazing safety guard and will not take in or accept something that goes against YOUR moral or ethical beliefs. Truly all hypnosis is self hypnosis and you are choosing what you want and I am here to help create a road map to get there.

You will be aware and deeply relaxed. Similar to the state just before falling asleep, or when you are deep in a daydream, where your subconscious mind and your conscious mind can work together.

I offer each person a variety of tools, daily practices, hypnotherapy techniques, NLP practices, meditations and so much more!

You will walk away with a recording of the session so you can listen to it again and again and allow the positive change to sink in more and more!

If you would like to book a session, please fill out the contact form below and schedule a 15 minute intro call to learn more and book your first session.

{Sessions can be done in person, or it is just as effective over video or phone!}

About Magnolia

As a certified hypnotherapist and wellness coach, I utilize my diverse background to work with each person in a unique and individualized way. My knowledge and extensive experience in yoga, meditation practices, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), voice dialogue, Tantric practices, holistic nutrition, Reiki and numerous self-transformational techniques serve as the foundation for what I offer each client.

Please fill out the form to schedule a 15min intro call with me and book your first session! 

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I’m beyond thankful to Magnolia for the support she offered during a time in my life with many large transitions. Magnolia validated and honored my values and worked with these, to support the shifts I was going though and offer me the support I needed to reach my goals.

After my work with Magnolia, I was enrolled in a school program, clear on my direction moving forward in my life, waking up earlier, exercising, eating healthy and sticking to my healthy habits. She really helped me find my inner strength and start living the way I wanted to!
— D.K.
The techniques and rituals Magnolia taught me are very valuable! I learned a new way of living: staying connected to nature, loyal to myself and letting go of judgment, doubts, and fears, which is exactly what I wanted. Magnolia was positive, uplifting and constantly meeting my goals with deep support.
— E.A.
I deeply appreciate the authentic care and support Magnolia provided. Its hard to express each chapter of the journey because each week uncovered different layers to a variety of complex issues, and each week built on the one before.

Working with Magnolia unraveled lifetimes. I have so much gratitude for this journey. Magnolia has been an amazing support and guide for me. To put it simply, I’m excited for this next season ahead.
— R.P
I felt welcomed and loved and open to sharing anything that was going on in my life. I even shared things I haven’t told anyone else. Working with Magnolia, I felt safe and supported without any judgement.
— A.S.
Magnolia really understood. She knew how to identify with me and what I was going through. She was totally present with me and I felt loved and supported.
— L.