This retreat is an opportunity to release and cleanse on a deep level. Every person will receive medicines, bodywork and cleansing actions matched to their particular ayurvedic condition being addressed. Find out what your ayurvedic body type (dosha) is and how to adapt your diet and lifestyle to it in order to have greater harmony. Learn balancing forms of yoga therapy specific for your condition. This includes forms of asana, mantra, meditation and pranayama to balance the mind, chakras, organs, doshas and bring one to peaceful sattva. Receive alchemical medicines made from purified metals to deepen the healing physically and psychologically. Learn the inner alchemy of these medicines as well and learn to source their energy from within. Practice ayurvedic self care techniques and bring these herbal medicines with you beyond the retreat. Learn about sustainable living and permaculture as you enjoy organic food filled with ormus and mana, grown in rich volcanic soils.
 Meet the healing plants in their own habitat and commune with their live vibrational frequencies to enhance their medicinal effects.

Early bird special until Nov 1st. Save $200. 

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